Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I love Easter!

Why do I love Easter? Because I was born on Easter!! I haven't had a birthday on Easter since, but this year it is two days after :) For the last few years, my family comes to our house for Easter. We dye eggs, eat well, and have a huge brunch on Easter morning. This year, I was inspired by another blogger (MySweetCreations) to try my hand at making Easter Candy. Here is my first experiment.

Collect supplies- I use Baker's White chocolate, Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate, a Wilton Candy mold, Wilton paint brushes, and Wilton chocolate dye.

Begin by chopping one square of White Baker's Chocolate- this is enough for one mold.

Then, you need to temper your chocolate- this allows it to harden properly. You can tell when you have melted to the right point, when the chocolate is still lumpy, but warm. The warm chocolate will melt the remaining lumps. It will look like this:

After your chocolate is smooth, add desired colors. I divided the white chocolate into two bowls. I added 3 drops of red to one and 3 drops of yellow to the other.

Blend well!

Using a paint brush, apply the white chocolate to desired areas on your mold. Place mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

While your chocolate is setting, make breakfast for your daughter :)

And yourself!

Then, temper your Semi-Sweet chocolate- I used 4 squares for this mold.

Gently spoon the melted chocolate into your mold. Tap the edge of the mold to remove any bubbles and to make the surface smooth.

When the mold is full- you may add lollipop sticks, if desired. Make sure to roll the stick in chocolate first so it holds well.

Chill in the freezer until set- if you chocolate is properly tempered, this can be done without freezing, but freezing will speed the process. The chocolates should come out of the mold easily.

Lollipops for Robyn

And chocolates for me :)

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