Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brownies baked with love...and an extra layer of yum!!

I'm back!!! After "baking" a beautiful new baby, I decided my first venture back to blogging should feature something baked! I've got a nasty sweet tooth lately, and really don't need all the extra I made something to send to work with my hubby :)

This recipe was super easy- and totally delicious. I had to cut the brownies to send with him to work, so I decided to try one :) This recipe belongs to "Keni" and I found it on

Start with you favorite brownie mix- "Family size". Prepare according to Cake-Like instructions (add an extra egg). Bake until it just starts to set...about 5 minutes less than total recommended cook time.

While the brownies baked, prepare the cookie dough. I'm not a huge fan of sour cream- but it was great in this recipe!

Cream together the butter an sugars. Something about chocolate chip cookie dough makes me need to use a wooden spoon!

Add in sour cream, vanilla, baking powder and flour. I also mixed the chocolate chips into the dough instead of putting them on top- I thought they would be less messy to transport.

When brownies are just set, smash cookie dough between your hands and piece together on top of the brownies.

Cover the whole pan with a thick layer of the cookie dough and put back in the oven. The recipe says to bake for another 10 minutes...I had to bake mine about 15 minutes.
Oh my yum!! It was hard to let them cool before I cut them!!

The end result- ooey gooey chocolate bliss! A totally wonderful recipe I will make again for sure!

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