Monday, July 18, 2011

Who wouldn't love cake for breakfast?

I get Rachael Ray's magazine...and although I LOVE reading food magazines, I don't usually follow the recipes. I like to read them for ideas and inspiration! In the latest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, they feature a section on things to do with a box of cake mix. One of those ideas...pancakes!! I knew these wouldn't be a "healthy" breakfast, but a very fun one :) With a new baby at home, I'm trying hard to do something special every day with my 3 year old. A few days ago, I decided the time was right to bust out the "birthday cake pancakes!"

So easy- just start with a box of yellow or white cake mix,eggs, oil and sprinkles!

Mix batter according to the directions on the box- I added LOTS of sprinkles :)

 Heat a skillet or griddle, add a little oil and add batter like making any other pancakes. These did take a little longer to them over lower heat so they cook through without burning.

Top with a glaze of powdered sugar and a few more sprinkles! Not your ordinary breakfast, but fun for that special little person in your life :)

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  1. I definately am going to try these, Kathleen. I wonder if they will freeze well so I can make a bunch in advance? I presume so. Anyway, another great blog and I enjoy watching Lucas grow through your pictures. Be well, my friend!