Friday, May 13, 2011

Easy and Cute- 2 things I love!

Along with the Jessie Cake I made for Robyn's birthday party, I also just HAD to make these adorable cookies!!! I found them on the Disney Family site...and they were quite simple.

Start with store bought sugar cookie can make your own, but I only wanted a few cookies. The log made 12 cookies.

Bake according to package, allow to cool and then flip them over so the flat side is up. While they cooled, I made Sugar Cookie Icing. I colored it red with gel coloring. I used a ziploc to pipe a border of red around the cookies, allowed that to set and then filled in the centers. This icing is shiny and dry in about 2 hours.

To make the top of the hat, cup the tops off GIANT gumdrops. I found mine at Hy-Vee...they are fruity, not spice drops.

Using more Sugar Cookie icing in White (or leftover butter cream from the cake)...pipe a large dollop in the center of each cookie and press a gum drop into it. Then pipe a line around the outside and little lines through it to make the lacing on the hat.

Allow to dry completely before serving. Mine were a little sloppy, but I think they still turned out pretty cute!