Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loving cake...for Breakfast and every meal after!

Second project for my parent's 35th Anniversary a mini version of their wedding cake :) This project looked like a disaster early on...but I saved it, and it was mighty delicious!
I started by baking two white cake mixes in 8 inch round make 4 cakes. I cut two of the cakes smaller to form a top tier for my cake. This was my first mistake...the top tier was VERY crumbly!

My second mistake, using Butter Flavored Crisco in my frosting. I didn't realize it would be yellow- which yielded an ivory frosting instead of white....but it was delicious!

I mixed 1 cup of Crisco with 2 sticks of butter, 1- 2 lb bag of Powdered Sugar, 2 tsp of vanilla and about 4 oz of heavy cream.

I put a portion of the frosting in a ziploc bag with a star tip in the corner for piping.

See..kinda yellow :(

After a terrible disaster with the top tier, I melted some of the frosting to pour over it and then chilled it. I did a normal crumb coat on the rest of the cake, chilled for 30 minutes and then proceeded to frost the cake.

My parent's wedding cake had LOTS of I did the same :)

The finished product, decorated with daisies and yellow roses (which were also a little too Ivory).

And the happy couple...cutting the cake with their actual wedding knife! Happy 35th!


  1. What kind of cake did you make? Thanks for sharing, looks terrific!

  2. Just a plain white cake from a box. I made so many things for the weekend, I took the help from Betty Crocker :)