Friday, May 7, 2010

Who knew I loved Black Beans so much??

I've been looking for "healthy" meals I can eat during the week, that can be easily prepared for just me when Mark is working. I've eyeballed this recipe several times and decided to take a stab at it...and I'm glad I did!! Tonight's feature- Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers.
First- the ingredients:

Bread Crumbs
Black Beans
Green Pepper
Carrots (I added this)
Hot sauce
Chili Powder
And I added a dash of salt

Throw all the veggies in the food processor and pulse until finely chopped.

Drain and rinse black beans and dry on a few paper towels.

I drained my veggie mixture to get rid of the extra moisture. Stir into the mashed black beans.

Add bread crumbs, spices and egg. I needed a little more bread crumbs than the recipe called for.

I used a lid with a little plastic wrap to shape these. They were pretty soft.

I doubled the recipe so I would have a stash in the freezer. It made 9 burger patties.

I also made a little chipotle mayo to but on top. 1/2 cup light mayo, 3 chipotles, 1 spoonful of adobo sauce and 1 clove of garlic, plus a pinch of salt.

After completing my project, the quickest option was to cook one up on the stove top. I used a little cooking spray and it browned nicely on both sides.

Served on a whole wheat bun with a little pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomato. Spicy and delicious!!

I will make this recipe again, but they are pretty soft. I would like to try adding some flax meal or oatmeal in place of the bread crumbs...but the taste was great!

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