Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cedar Planks are a grill tool to love!

My parents gave us a great "foodie" basket for Christmas. One of the things it contained was a pack of Grilling Planks. I love to grill...and we love Salmon, so naturally, my first attempt was at Cedar Plank Salmon.

First, you have to soak the planks so the wood doesn't burn when heated. Soak each plank for a minimum of four hours, or overnight. I had to weigh mine down so it was fully submerged.

Then, you need to prepare the fish. Begin by scoring the skin, so the the fish doesn't curl as it cooks.

Then, add desired seasonings. I use lemon pepper, dill, garlic salt and fresh cracked well as a generous drizzle of olive oil.

I also love the hint of citrus in my fish, so I covered my salmon with thin slices of lemon.

Prepare your charcoal or gas grill. As soon as the coals turn gray, or your gas grill hits a nice medium/high heat, place the cedar plank on to warm. When the cedar plank begins to smoke, it's time to add the fish!

Place the salmon on the cedar plank and replace the lid. Cook for 15-20 minutes, or until the salmon is cooked through, and flakes easily with a fork.

Remove fish, and serve with fresh lemon wedges. The smokey flavor from the cedar planks was amazing. Simple- but unexpectedly delicious!

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