Friday, November 19, 2010

Champagne and Shrimp...instant love!

I was home visiting my parents last week, and my mom made Champagne Shrimp for dinner. I had heard her talk about it several times before, but had never made it myself. One bite and I knew...I was in love. The sauce is rich, almost like a bisque- and it's actually really easy to make!

The recipe calls for mushrooms, but my mom doesn't "do" mushrooms, so I left them out just like she did. I also used Whole Wheat Thin Spaghetti, but think I like it best with Penne.

Since I didn't use the mushrooms, I started by heating the shrimp in the Champagne (use a dry Champagne...not a sweet one) along with 1/4 tsp of Kosher Salt.

While waiting for the Champagne to come to a boil, chop your shallots and tomatoes. I used 1 whole shallot and 2 good sized Roma Tomatoes.

Once liquid is boiling, remove the shrimp and set aside. Add the shallots and tomatoes and cook until liquid is reduced by half...about 8 minutes.

As liquid is reducing-  season with salt, pepper and parsley. I had to use dried because that is all I had on hand. When my large spice jars get low- I always transfer the little bits left into baby food jars. They take up a lot less space!!

Stir in the heavy cream and continue boiling until the sauce starts to thicken. This only took a couple of minutes. I chose to add my pasta to the sauce to soak it up, instead of pouring it over the top. Add the shrimp in at this time as well to heat through.

Top with a sprinkle of fresh grated Parmesan Cheese and enjoy the indulgence. Restaurant quality at home = perfect!


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  3. Thanks for blogging about the Champagne Shrimp recipe. I would have never known about it otherwise. I decided to make it for my birthday dinner and we LOVED it! One of the best shrimp dishes I've made. Thank you!

  4. Dianne- it is so easy and yet turns out so fancy and delicious :) Glad you enjoyed it as well!