Thursday, November 18, 2010

A labor of love.

I saw these posted several times last year, and instead of looking for a tutorial, I decided to wing it. BAD IDEA! These were a lot of work, but in the end, totally worth it! I present to you...Oreo Turkeys.

The key players...Oreos, Candy Corn, Whoppers, Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and melted chocolate to act as "glue".

Be smarter than I was...unwrap and have all candy ready BEFORE melting your chocolate for assembly.

 I made a total of 14 Turkeys- which used 3/4 pkg of Oreos, and almost a full bag of candy corn!!

Use your melted chocolate "glue" to apply a peanut butter cup to the very edge on the front of each cookie- widest side down. Glue a Whopper to the top of that.

If you use Double Stuff Oreos, you can pipe frosting in between the cookies and stick the Candy Corn in. Again, I took the difficult way and used regular I pulled mine apart and piped more chocolate glue inside. Put in 5 pieces of Candy Corn as the Turkey's tail and re-attach the other cookie with more of the glue.

Using more of your chocolate "glue" make a small puddle of chocolate on another Oreo and stand your decorated Oreo on top of it. This is where it becomes very important that you put your peanut butter cup on the VERY edge of your Oreo. At this time, I added on two Candy Corn "wings" and another cut piece of Candy Corn as the "beak".

Finally, after spending so much time making these, I couldn't just put a dab of frosting on for the eyes. I was unable to find candy button I used regular craft wiggly eyes :) Yes- please remove before eating! However, I did "glue" them on with melted white chocolate, so the rest of the turkey is still totally edible.

These are my finished Turkeys! Now bad for my first attempt...but I won't attempt another project like this again without having a tutorial to follow!! Lesson learned :)


  1. Awesome!! These look great and easy, although time consuming!

  2. For sure- the worst part was working with such tiny pieces and they did take a while...but I think they were well worth it :)