Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love a spontaneous trip...for food :)

Since my first trip to The Calico Bean, I've been itching to go again. You need a trip there just to much to take in! Today, we decided to be spontaneous. We jumped in the car and met our buddies half way. The kids enjoyed Toy Story in the back seat and I got to catch up with a great friend! We enjoyed a wonderful visit to this awesome store and had a fun lunch too. A perfect way to enjoy a beautiful Fall day! Check out my newest finds...

Christmas Tree Sprinkles = $1.80

Orange Extract= $3.52 ...on sale! Going to make orange flavored cream cheese "mints" in my pumpkin mold!

 I stocked up on spices....Red Pepper Flakes= $.95 

Basil- $.82....that's 4 times the amount you get from Tones!

Chili Season is upon us...time to stock up on Cumin and Chili Powder. I bought the Dark Chili Powder- $1.82 and the Cumin- $1.14. Crazy Cheap!

Lots of Rosemary for my Rosemary Bread and Focaccia= $.92

Ground Ginger for all my favorite holiday goodies...2 oz from Tones was $2.34 at Target, I got 6 times that for $.84! And something new- White Pepper for my White Chicken Chili = $1.76

This was also a crazy good deal- $2.26 for this tub of Taco Seasoning. You use 2 tsp and there are about 20 servings in this container. A bonus- it's MSG Free!

Spontaneous buys for my Spontaneous trip...Panko Bread Crumbs = $1.50, Peal Barley for winter soups= $1.30 and Mini Marshmallows for cocoa= $1.40

And last, but NOT least, fresh ground Peanut Butter! Nothing but honey roasted peanuts and they grind it to order. I've had a few spoonfuls today :) Brought back memories of grandma Bauer used to make us Fresh Peanut Butter and Butter sandwiches on White Bread. YUM :)


  1. Yes, I am officially super jealous of your trip. I wish I was there too! I have the basil flakes, live using those! You can also use the orange extract in a white cake and add some orange coloring if you wish to make an orange cake with some cream cheese frosting. I am really into the wide variety of flavoring oils and extracts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. We have something similar to this in Canada (Bulk Barn) and I lovvvvve it! I can't believe how cheap everything is either. And they have all the awesome sprinkles too! :) Every color & shape for every holiday!

  3. That's a good find on the orange extract. I don't know if you're into making fudge or not, but AR has a great recipe for orange fudge that uses orange extract. I made it last Christmas and it was unique and completely fantastic tasting!!