Monday, June 21, 2010

I love playing with my food :)

For Father's Day, I was looking for a fun dessert to make. I haven't been baking many desserts lately, so I really wanted to play! I decided on Fast Food Burgers featured on Bakerella. They were so easy and super cute! I didn't make the fries because I didn't need tons of dessert in my house for days...just a cute treat!

The instructions used all box mixes, so I did too :)

I baked up the cupcakes and brownies and let them cool. I made 18 regular sized cupcakes and 18 mini cupcakes from one mix. I did end up needing two cans of frosting. I also tinted and bagged red, yellow and green frosting. I just used ziploc bags and snipped the tip off one end.

For the mini cupcakes, I piped on plain white frosting and decorated with 4th of July Sprinkles. A fun trick- if you want a fancier look and you are using a ziploc bag without a tip, you can use Pinking Sheers to snip the corner. It looks like you used a star tip when you pipe!

The finished mini cupcakes. Mini food is so dangerous!!!

For each burger, I cut a regular sized cupcake in half.

I used my biscuit cutter to cut out the brownies. I got 14 burgers from a 9x13 pan of brownies.

Place your brownie burger on the bottom half of the "bun" and top with ketchup and mustard.

Finish by piping on the green lettuce, and replacing the top of the cupcake on each burger.

I dipped my finger in water and lightly moistened the top of each cupcake, then topped with sesame seeds.

The end result- ADORABLE and very tasty too :) Not as intimidating as I first thought, and very impressive looking. Would be so fun for a summer block party or back yard BBQ.

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