Monday, June 14, 2010

Nothing I love more with chips than Salsa!

We adore homemade salsa...especially like you get at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, LaCamelia! I've tried my hand at several recipes, but the quality of tomatoes you find in Iowa outside of summer...NOT great! I decided to try Speedy Homemade Salsa, which uses canned tomatoes. I had to break this into steps, because I was using my mini Chopster and I was also doubling the recipe. From previous experience, I also like to chop my tomatoes in one batch, onions in one and cilantro by hand- or you just end up with brown salsa.
First, I drained the whole tomatoes and puréed them. It took two batches, and I also added the garlic and jalapeno in with these.
Then I rinsed my Chopster and finely chopped a combination of half a white and half a red onion.

Dump those in with the tomatoes.

I chopped my cilantro by hand, because I like to be able to see it :)

Add it all together and season with cumin, salt, and apple cider vinegar.

Now, I made this twice. The first batch I made as written, and I thought the cumin was too strong, and all I could taste was the cider vinegar. The second time, I used half the cumin, a pinch of extra salt and lime in place of the vinegar. It was perfect and delicious. I will make my salsa that way from here forward!!

We also found it to be a little "soupy" so I strained it before we ate it. Love it!!

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