Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning to love a great meatless meal!

Holy about a delicious, meatless meal! I haven't been a huge zucchini fan...and my husband definitely isn't, but we both loved Fabulous Zucchini Grinders served with Parmesan Roasted Corn on the Cob.

The zucchini, corn and garlic all came from my local Farmer's Market. I started my zucchini by cooking a few cloves of garlic in the oil first.

Then I added my zucchini and cooked until it started to brown along the edges.

For the corn, you need mayo and parmesan cheese mixed with salt, pepper and chili powder.

First I brushed on the mayo...

And then I put on a thick coat of the parmesan cheese and spices. I wrapped it in foil and threw in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

I used a delicious Arrabiata sauce from Trader Joe's. A little spicy, but not too bad. Added awesome flavor to the sandwich.

I chose to place the mozzarella on the bread so the sauce and zucchini mixture wouldn't make it soggy. I cannot eat soggy bread...yuck!

I topped with the zucchini mixture and little more mozzarella and then broiled open faced.

The finished corn!

And the gorgeous grinder!

A beautiful vegetarian summer meal. Even my meat loving/zucchini hating hubby LOVED these!


  1. Oh! MY! GOODNESS!!! That looks SOOOOOOO good!!! I'm totally in love with your recipes...right along the way that I've starting to cook.

  2. I'm so glad Kristen! Summer produce is so inspiring! Thanks :)

  3. this looks wonderful! I've got fresh zucchini from my grandfather's garden in my fridge right now...I know what's for dinner tonight! thanks for the your blog!

  4. Thanks Lauren- enjoy!! They were a little messy...but absolutely wonderful!

  5. This looks sooo good! I wonder if my boyfriend would like these...he's a meat lover as well and if I try to put veggies in a sandwich rather than meat he thinks I'm trying to trick him! hehe Also, where did you find a Trader Joes? Great job. :)

  6. I don't know how you get him to eat so many veggie meals. Anymore that is the first thing my husband asks. I don't think he trusts me anymore. I will have to try that corn!

  7. My husband grew up on canned peas...period. Now, I just put veggies in front of them, and if I cook them and they taste good, he just eats them :)